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  • Titan industries Vietnam promote joint development
    11:34 AM | 13/08/2012

    Annual Meeting of the Association of Titan Vietnam with the participation of the mining companies, processing and trade of the industry's leading titanium takes place from the country in Hoi An took 2-5/8 solution for many industries this potential.

Overview of the Annual Conference of the Association of Vietnam Titan 2012



According to preliminary statistics, the volume VN Titan about 5% of total world reserves of titanium, behind Canada, USA, Norway, India and Australia. Along with the integration of the country, the industry is creating strong development needs of industrial minerals - particularly titanium products have growth markedly.
Report of the Executive Board, said today the Association has 38 member units. Most of the association member unit is big business, scale extraction and processing large, titanium mineral activities from day one, there are large reserves of mines, mining industry. Reserves and prognostic resources of Vietnam's Titanium can be mobilized for about 440 million tons of Planning, located in 89 mines and ore deposits tong country.
First 6 months of 2012, the member unit sales from 2,000 Titanium billion; export value of nearly $ 85 million and pay the state budget 500 billion. The project has been granted mining license is valid to 32 licenses with a total capacity of 1.26 million tons / year for new projects will come before 2020 is over 43 projects with 27.000ha. The project has large deposits of industrial-scale mining is the member unit of the Association of investment in equipment, machinery, technology selection synchronization, modern mining and raw recruit to linear.
However, in recent years advocated banning export of some raw ores in general and in particular Ilmenite ore to concentrate as raw material for deep processing has caused many difficulties for the industry. According to Nguyen Thuong Dat - HH Titan Vice President Vietnam, the government's policy was justified but the export of titanium only be solved in each year, particularly in 2012 only to be exported in a short time should most foreign buyers have turned to other markets or prices, reducing the amount of pressure ... So to make the company fell into difficulties, even at risk of bankruptcy and the state also lost revenues . Along with a series of shortcomings in the land lease policy, taxes, fees, .... also caused no small obstacle to production and business activities of enterprises.
Facing these difficulties, the HH Titan Vietnam urged member companies to promote development towards links, cooperation in the region closely, this unit's products are raw materials for other units to encourage production, create jobs and stable incomes for workers .... In addition, the Conference has set a target for implementing the master plan for exploration, exploitation and processing, titanium ore used from now to 2020, taking 2030 to the Government for approval. Also, to remove difficulties for businesses, the Association also proposed state management agencies to issue timely and policy relevant as export policy must be consistent route between licensed operators and deep processing of ore to avoid redundancy Ilnenite duration to allow the export-term, stable to avoid being customer prices, reduced volume to the revenue loss, business losses. Tax policy and fee in accordance with enabling businesses to maintain operational conditions and accumulate capital to reinvest for the deep processing ...
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